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Submissive Stud Stuffed By Two Dicks
Two of these horny guys decide what a great idea it is to have their submissive friend stuff his mouth with their cocks. He has no problem, and eagerly takes turns swallowing each dick and they even make a train of dick sucking where everyone is involved
Posted in Threesomes on 09-14-2011
Rating: 2.5/5
( 121 votes )

Hot Gay Anal Threesome And Cum Swapping
There are some extremely inventive positions in this bareback gay threesome. Two young guys start the scene off on either side of an older, hairy man, who loves to suck dick and take it in the ass. As the guys strip off, the hairy dude blows them both,
Posted in Threesomes on 09-14-2011
Rating: 2.6/5
( 151 votes )

Cock Hungry Gay Licks Up Jism Off Glass
Two horny gay men hook up and head home for a hot night of sucking and fucking. Lucky for them, they naturally organise themselves into dominant and submissive, with the more eager cocksucker getting on his knees and blowing his new friend. He doesn't m
Posted in Blowjobs on 09-14-2011
Rating: 2.3/5
( 95 votes )

Homo Spanking, Sucking, And Fucking
Homo studs Andrew Towers and Mason Brickman help each other undress as they sit on the couch, and Andrew lays across mason's lap so that Mason can spank his shapely ass. He slaps his butt until his cheeks are nice and pink, and then Mason lays across Andr
Posted in Fucking on 09-13-2011
Rating: 2.5/5
( 98 votes )

Hardcore Gay Ass To Mouth On The Couch
It's straight into the action in this hardcore gay sex clip. Two good-looking studs, both Caucasian and reasonably young, kick things off by stripping off on the couch. One minute they're wearing clothes and the next they are both completely nude with t
Posted in Fucking on 09-13-2011
Rating: 2.5/5
( 119 votes )

South American Gays Have Sweaty Anal Sex
Two hot South American studs, one black and one white, go home with each other after a night of dancing. They are both gagging for sex and feeling adventurous. Tearing off one another's clothes, they warm each other up with some hot mutual oral sex. Th
Posted in Interracial on 09-13-2011
Rating: 2.6/5
( 138 votes )

Two Twinks Can't Resist The Urge To Fuck
How could you do anything but fuck when you're sitting on top of a hot twink? Aaron Carpenter and Omar Berry know that they can't resist the urge to get naked, so they don't waste any time. Soon Omar gets comfortable on the chair, while Aaron goes to th
Posted in Twink on 09-13-2011
Rating: 2.5/5
( 152 votes )

Four Gay Cowboys Get It On In A Bar
Daniel Lautrec, Mario McCabe, Austin Rogers and Mario Sanchez came into the bar after a long day out working on the ranch. The guys had a drink then things got a little crazy and the guys started to kiss. The clothes came off and dicks found their ways in
Posted in Orgy on 09-13-2011
Rating: 2.5/5
( 166 votes )

Sword Fighting Leads to Hot Gay Sex
For gay porn beginnings, this does happen to be one of the weirdest ones I think I've ever seen. There are two dudes sword fighting, another guy on his back and with six cocks getting stroked right above him, waiting to blow, and well - does it need to ge
Posted in Fucking on 09-09-2011
Rating: 2.3/5
( 120 votes )

Three Horny Guys Fuck In Italy
These three guys were enjoying themselves under the warm sun in Italy, with all of their shirts off to soak up some rays. But the calmness of them just sitting around soon gave way to horniness, and all of a sudden, all three guys were kissing and licking
Posted in Threesomes on 09-09-2011
Rating: 2.6/5
( 133 votes )

Hot Gay Action With Five Twinks
Don't all these guys look hot in their uniforms? They all seem to think so, which is why all five of these guys were taking a break to have one crazy all male orgy together! Their clothes came off piece by piece as they kissed, rubbed and ground against o
Posted in Orgy on 09-09-2011
Rating: 2.4/5
( 148 votes )

Pool Game Turns Into Gay Threesome
There is something inherently phallic about pool. Hitting around those balls with a long wood cue, working themselves around the table, leaning over and pushing out their sweet asses - yeah there's definitely something inherently sexy about playing pool.
Posted in Threesomes on 09-09-2011
Rating: 2.5/5
( 135 votes )
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