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Evin Brampton and Trey Turner in Evin-tually
Posted in Fucking on 10-20-2011
Rating: 2.3/5
( 103 votes )

Hipster Guys Slam Each Other In The Ass
Both Lee Knight and Rico Knight are fucking gorgeous guys with huge throbbing cocks just dying to be unleashed from their pants. They talk it over and get each other going for a few minutes and then they both make the move for each other. The next thing
Posted in Fucking on 09-29-2011
Rating: 2.3/5
( 106 votes )

Older Man And Younger Lover Get it On
Handsome older man Nathan Douglas lies on his bed and uses his laptop when he's joined by younger blonde lover Jamie Bassett. Jamie can't sleep and isn't in the best of moods, so Nathan decides to do his best to relax him. The two of them are soon making
Posted in Mature Men on 09-29-2011
Rating: 2.3/5
( 174 votes )

Shower Fun For Sexy Homo Lovers
Lee Knight is in the shower soaking his sexy body when he's joined by his burly and tattooed lover, Keir. Keir presses up against Lee's ass, and the two of them make out as their rub their growing dicks against each other. Keri kneels to suck Lee's hard c
Posted in Fucking on 09-29-2011
Rating: 2.5/5
( 107 votes )

Three Hot Homos Have An Ass-Fucking Orgy
Nathan Douglas lies in bed with younger man Andy Smith and they decide to have some fun. Andy leaves to get his friend Kyle Martin, and they lay on either side of Nathan and kiss him passionately. They help each other undress, and Andy and Kyle take turns
Posted in Threesomes on 09-29-2011
Rating: 2.5/5
( 129 votes )

Neighbors Pass The Time The Fun Way
A couple of bored dudes, older man Lee Knight and younger fellow Will Forbes, have a seat on the couch and shoot the breeze. They decide to alleviate the monotony by having a little fun, and they're soon making out and helping each other undress. Lee slid
Posted in Fucking on 09-28-2011
Rating: 2.4/5
( 104 votes )

Ripped Latino Stud Ass Fucked Outdoors
In this excellent outdoor gay sex scene, two extremely good-looking men have some oral and anal sex in the forest. Muscular stud Hunter has got himself a Latino toy boy called Pedro. The guys cum together in a clearing, rubbing their incredible bodies t
Posted in Latino on 09-28-2011
Rating: 2.2/5
( 122 votes )

Latino Sucks Hard White Cock In Forest
If hardcore gay porn movies like this were to be believed, all you have to do to find yourself a submissive cocksucker is take a walk down to your local bush! A Caucasian stud meets a shaven headed Latino man, who gets down on his knees and starts suckin
Posted in Latino on 09-27-2011
Rating: 2.3/5
( 123 votes )

Older Man Loves Young Gay Asshole
Trapped in a forest of trees naked with their cocks hanging out, Hombre and Elobra are going at each other like a couple of horny teenagers. They take turns sucking on each others flaccid dicks, making them grow stiff and long between their lips. the you
Posted in Mature Men on 09-27-2011
Rating: 2.5/5
( 180 votes )

Older Gay Man Getting Ass Filled
Zack is an older gentlemen that just so happens to love the taste of cock, and he also loves fucking guys that are in the 20 something range. He's mid 30s and their energy just makes him so damn hard. Bobby is his buddy for the day, and they end up suckin
Posted in Mature Men on 09-27-2011
Rating: 2.4/5
( 172 votes )

Gay Long Haird Jock Picked Up at Store
Usually gay pickups don't happen in the grocery store, but it turns out that Zack has seen the man of his dreams and he just has to have him. Ralph was wandering down the wine aisle, but he doesn't have a bottle in his basket at all. Instead he has a ton
Posted in Fucking on 09-27-2011
Rating: 2.5/5
( 115 votes )

Cock Starved Dad Loves Taste Of Penis
What would you do if you were this horny dad? He has been trapped in an unsatisfactory marriage with a bitch of a wife for so many years, constantly fantasising about the one thing that he wants more than anything else in the world - a hot young stud to
Posted in Blowjobs on 09-26-2011
Rating: 2.3/5
( 110 votes )
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